new muzik ist in der werx!
so we're tossing files over the internet and the tracks are flowin' very nicely.
the working album title for now is "the long distance relationship" because, hey... i'm in az, dogg's in ca, and norton's in ut.
check our myspace page periodically for exclusive tracks.

oh, snap!!! look out, az!
okay, so we're out of free cds, so we'll be playing live in glendale instead!
on 5/31/08 we'll be invading a joint that goes by the name of "famous sam's" at the sw corner of
glendale ave and 43rd ave, inbetween "fry's" and "the tire pros."
(sorry youngins... it's a 21+ bar. don't worry, though.
we'll play again at an all-ages place asap.)
the only thing, though, is that corr dogg and e. norton, due to physical distance, won't be able to perform at this show, so local monkey boy "dr. strange" will be on the keys.
this is our first show in az, so come out and support "the new guys" who eventually want to play with such great local acts as "hardwire" and "the strand" (hint-hint, guys)...
(download our new album "dubya dubya iii" here.)

oh yeah, free "dubya dubya iii" cds to a bunch of people who decide to fork our a few bucks for a ticket.

we here at +maschine fetisch+ have suffered greatly from our music... now it's your turn!
wednesday, nov 7th at club vegas (445 S 400 W salt lake city, utah [next door to area 51]) we will be playing the long-awaited reunion show.
admit it. we are your guilty pleasure.
we will be playing some songs off the newest album, "dubya dubya iii," as well as some older ones to satisfy your deepest desires.
we hope to see you there!

(2-28-07) okay, the moment all of you +mf+ers have been waiting for...
you can finally download the full album of "dubya dubya iii" here! (yeah, click me.)
tell your friends and family.

(1-28-07) it's here! it's here!
actually, it was officially released 1-10-07, but "dubya dubya iii" has been released
and i've been told by a couple of different people that it's the best +mf+ album yet.
here's the track list:

01. dubya dubya iii
02. ubernaut
03. more damage than good
04. in jest (remastered)
05. complacent v.2 (remixed by extropy)
06. dance
07. call of the wild (ultravox/midge uge cover)
08. pornography
09. papa 3 (october murder)(guest vocals by fishead of the mariott incident)
10. stumble
xx. isolationist (negative pressure vs. +mf+ mix)(appears courtesy of ethan marsh/negative pressure)

i'll be posting the lyrics and stuff (like the other albums appear on this page) later.
anyway, if you want a copy, you know how to find me. there are already about
40-50 copies out there, but i'm surprised that it's not enough. thanks everybody!
i hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.
in other news: the infamous e. norton (d.j. tachyon) is an official member of
the band. we look forward to his input and contributions and feel it is humbling
and an honor to have him working with us.
oh, also, i got bagpipes for christmas, so with the combo of e. norton and new
instruments in the mix, altogether the new stuff should be amazing.

(9-8-06) i should probably update more often.
anywho, +mf+ now has a new studio, and for the people like me who look at the
stage equipment before the act performs (because i do it too), here's the rundown:
m-audio firewire 410 audio interface
m-audio oxygen 49 midi controller
apple powerbook 12"
pro tools 7 m powered
the gear is very cool, not to mention the free vst instruments you can download. very versitile stuff.
so yeah, a new track called "pornography" is floating around out there. dl it at http://polaire.bakaproject.com/songs/pwnography.mp3.
if it's not there, wait for the new album, which, right now, will probably be titled "dubya dubya III."
oh yeah, here's our myspace address:

(10-30-05) happy halloween, weiners!
as you may have noticed, there are a couple audio/video swf clips to preview the tracks
+ubernaut+ and +innocent mistake+.
they're kinda cool...
anywho, +mf+ is officially based out of glendale, az now- the same city
in which alice cooper resides.
what does that mean to you? probably nothing.

(04-25-05) "a decade of crap" released!
for those of you who've been asking for it, here it is: the "best of" cd!
many of your old favorites (and rarities) have been remastered so they don't ruin your speakers and stuff. (...like flame of hate)
tracks are:
01. "complacent.mpeg" music video (to watch on your computer)
02. innocent mistake (2003)
03. oragel on a cat's nose (2000)
04. 8 hours (2001)
05. dirty now (1999)
06. laugh (2004)
07. while you're away (2002)
08. flame of hate (1997)
09. troubled mind (2000)
10. ring of fire (2001)
11. how they feel (2001)
12. complacent (2004)
13. the simpleton (1994)
14. expectations (v2) (2002)
15. schadenfreude (demo track) (1998)
16. studio rehearsal outtake of never been (2003)
if you want to order one, these ones are $6 (including s/h).
e mail me at e41557@myswa.com to get ordering info.

(11/22/04) "complacent" video link!
kay, click here to watch the music video for "complacent".
to save it to your hard drive (which you might just have to do), right click on that and select "save target as".
it's a little pixelated from the compression, but you'll get the idea. the uncompressed version will be on the new +mf+ CR ROM- in which I have no idea when the release date will be, yet.
also, right click on this and "save target as" to download extropy's remix of "complacent".
boy... sounds like you have a lot of WORK to do now!

(09-09-04) Hey, check it out!
the new e.p. titled "technicolor yawn" has been released, officially,
as of 9-06-04. the tracks are
01. complacent
02. untitled
03. stray bullet
04. laugh
05. chant
if you want to order one, they're $6 (including s/h).
e mail me at e41557@myswa.com to get ordering info.

(07-22-04) well, well, well... a READER!
three new songs have been written and recorded for
the forthcoming e.p. "technicolor yawn"
"stray bullet" + "untitled" + "complacent"

(12/31/04) all right +mf+ers! you've waited long enough!
"the strychnine diaries"
the new album by +maschine fetisch+
is finally finished!
go here for the teaser or here to cut to the chase/tracklist/ordering info, etc.