it's finally freaking available to the public!

"the strychnine diaries" was long overdue, but hopefully you feel it was worth it.
the official release date was december 31, 2003.
okay, so, these ones cost a lot more to make than the previous cds, and we'd like to make
more of them, so if you run into a band member, we can hook you up with one for $5.
i'm moving to the phoenix area shortly, so if you'd like to order one and get it quicker, e mail me at and we'll set up a place for you to send a check or
money order to for $8 (that includes s+h).

the track list is as follows: (click on any track to read the lyrics)

01. intro
02. never been
03. innocent mistake
04. i'm a pickle
05. loki kitty loke-boke, loki key-key
06. in jest
07. makes wiff' da' stinky
08. the devil's own (2k2)
09. disrespectful
10. re: dogg
11. warthog
12. warthog (dogfight remix by tachyon)

here's the front cover- artwork done by scott ligon.

all right, kids... enjoy!