oragel on a cat's nose how they feel opinions 8 hours troubled mind aaahhh!!!

a big joke intimidation down on tink flame of hate dirty now

+oragel on a cat's nose+
I put some Oragel on my mom's cats' nose
He licked it off, now he hates me, I suppose
He stared at me with his eyes of evil
and accused me of being a heartless weasel

(chorus) I put some Oragel on that cat's nose today
He glared at me before he ran away
Licking his lips, I don't think he'll ever quit
That cat probably thinks I'm a piece of sh*t

(2X) He never meowed or even hissed
I think, for the most part, he was just pissed
Some must have ended up on his tongue
because on my bed was a fresh pile of dung

(chorus) (2nd chorus) My mom thinks I'm mean, but I think it's appealing
That cat running round with no sense of feeling
I see what I've done, but I'm not broken-hearted
The conclusion I've formed is that I am retarded


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+how they feel+
so, this is how they feel when the decision's made
to remove one's self from light and forever stay in shade
i never thought i'd feel i'd have the will to do it
please, god, whatever happens, don't let me live through it

(chorus) so, this is how they feel? i never thought i'd know
so, this is how they feel

don't let them find my body so no one knows what i did
spare the cost of a funeral and give it to my kids
i'm talking to god tonight when my spirit leaves it's shell
i'm pushing to the front of the line and telling him to go to hell

(chorus) so, this is how they feel? i never thought i'd know
so this is how they feel

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children in denial of who they are inside
alcohol and hypocracy make the talent die
artificial mayhem doesn't feel quite right
when you do it over... and over... and over... night... after night... after night...

they are children in denial

don't toy with me don't lie to me
don't make believe you care
don't waste your breath, i'll face my death
because i know you won't be there
don't toy with me... don't lie to me...

i hate your world. i'm starting my own
on my own side, all alone
because you let me down
you won't let me down again
you and your commitments...

you and your drives... you and your lies...
you let me down... it was all just a show. (4 times)
you never were for real

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+8 hours+
I'm finally getting my 8 hours
Life isn't waiting around anymore
Silly things happen at the dro of a hat
What's going on, I'm not quite sure
2000's a thing of the past
Unfortunatly, so's my money
Misrepresentation in the name of the family's
not even half as funny

8 hours until it happens again
8 hours Where have you been?
In my 8 hours you're real and everything's okay

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+troubled mind+
(samples) "my life is nothing but problems... i can't do anything for you.
i don't know how it's gonna end. i don't know what's gonna happen, okay?
take some f*cking responsibility. together... hello... i tried,
jeph, i f*cking tried! things change, lives change. you f*cking took off, dude,
and dumped everything on me. you know, i'm sorry, but you know what? f*ck, dude
what about MY life? i'm just trying to take care of me. i'm sure it'll work out for the best.
i'm sorry, you know... i didn't want to do this, but i had no choice. i had no f*cking choice.
f*ck you... don't blame me. allright, there you go. there's your answer. gotta go."
"f*ck you, jeff! you know what? i don't care if you think i'm a bad person and i disgust you with everything..."

i can't afford your troubled mind
did not deserve left you behind
i have the strength to take a stand
won't toil on an infertile land
i left you there within your sh*t
you get in trouble threw a fit
can't seem to stand my spirit's wealth
but i don't care go f*ck yourself

(chorus) i can't afford your troubled mind

i confront you, you slap my face
you in the right, me in my place
your secret dream: husband and wife
you'll be this way all of your life

(chorus two) i can't afford your troubled mind
(whispered:) did not deserve left you behind
i can't afford your troubled mind
(whispered:) walked out the door you weren't my kind
i can't afford your troubled mind
(whispered:) go smoke something let your soul unwind
i can't afford your troubled mind
(whispered:) hide from your past pray it won't find you

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(sample)"You lousy cork-suckers, you have violated my fargin' rights.
This sum-a-nam-bairching country was founded so that the liberties of common patriotic citizens,
like me, could not be taken away by a bunch of fargin' ice-holes like yourselves."

I don't think you'll learn much from this song you're listening to
Maybe you'll try to find a deep meaning or two
You might even think that this is political
Or you might conclude that I'm hypocritical
I told you, you'll learn nothing from this work of art
It doesn't matter HOW much you try to tear it apart
There is no message here No secret to unfold
No statement to be made No story to be told

(chorus) This song is here because I wanted to write a song called "AAAHHH!!!"
I am not queer, but if I told my babe, I think she'd go, "AAAHHH!!!"
If you go to the dentist this year, he'll make you open up your mouth and say, "AAAHHH!!!"
This song is here because I wanted to write a song called "AAAHHH!!!"

I don't know if it's been done yet because I haven't heard of that
Before I thought of this song it's what I wanted to name my cat
But he already HAD a name, so that's not important now.
He doesn't speak any english and I can't seem to teach him how
I bought now smoke alarms and heat detectors, too
They were a bit expensive, but I feel pretty safe, do you?
Don't know why I even bothered to make this whole thing rhyme
No real educational value. You're wasting your precious time


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+a big joke+
Here you are standing by yourself, saying you'll never need any help.
You're a straight-a student, straight outta school. You're too smart to be a fool.
You think you know everything. Just you wait, I'll clip your wings.
I've got just one question for you: Can you buy fire insurance for an igloo?

Huh, well, can ya? Do you know that right off hand?
Espania...So what if that's Chris Columbus' homeland!
Can ya? Do you know that...right off hand?

Here you are, your face in a book, reading about some slimey gook.
It's called a worm. You catch fish. You cook it up and put it in a dish.(it's nessisary...)
I'm not talking about the worm...I am talking ABOUT THE FISH.
I've got just one Question for you: Can you buy fire insurance for an igloo?

Huh, well, can ya? Do you know that right off hand?
Espania...So what if that's Chris Columbus' homeland!

Here you are, standing by yourself, absorbing all your knowledge-wealth.
You thing you know everything, you know all the answers, you go: DING! DING!
Here's one thing you might not know, unless you've lived in the snow,
it's just this one question for you: Can you buy fire insurance for an igloo?

Huh, well, can ya? Do you know that right off hand?
Espania...So what if that's Chris Columbus' homeland!
Q.R.S.T.U.V.W.X.Y. and Z.
Now I know my A B C's. Next time won't you sing with me?

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It still doesn't mean I'm sheltered if I choose a different path.
Who the hell are you to drag your children through your wrath?
You're just another American f*ck that tries to tell me how it is.
How can we survive if you don't want to give, you son of a bitch...

(sample): "For crying out loud, will you get off the pot and DO SOMETHING?"

(sample): "Thinking is the fun part of it. Thinking about it. Thinking about what's going to happen.
Feeling that metal get warm against your skin...Wondering what it's going to feel
like to have your brains blown out through the side of your head... Wondering what comes after,
if anything, or BLACK. Wondering if you're going to scream... What do you think?
You going to scream? You will."

son of a bitch...

You wanna f*ck up my life
You wanna f*ck up my kids
You wanna f*ck up my job
You wanna f*ck up my home
You wanna f*ck up my hate
You wanna f*ck up my love
You wanna f*ck up my friends
You wanna f*ck up my trust
Jesus, Jesus, take me now
Jesus, you're a hypocrite
Jesus, Jesus, show me how
Jesus, you are full of sh*t
Jesus, Jesus, prove your point
Jesus, play your stereo
Jesus, Jesus, smoke a joint
Jesus, teach me self-control
You wanna f*ck up everything

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+down on tink+
Can't trust anyone Without a loaded gun
Broken at the axle Coming down from the Paxil
All of my dreams turned into screams
Wanna feel your skull pop underneeth my boot

Enough, about you. I down another drink
Thinking bout' Tink Thinking bout' Tink
Enough, already, Down another drink
Thinking bout' Tink Goin' down on Tink

Told some friends of mine about Tinkerbell
How she don't give a f*ck, and how she's sexy as hell
Blows her hair out of her face with the corner of her mouth
I must be crazy to think about her goin' south
That kissable nape and her mini-dress
A place in her heart I wanna impress
Eyelashes push a breeze from her wink
Thinking bout' Tink Goin' down on Tink

I know she'll only be alive in a dream
Never heard her talk Wanna hear her scream
Wanna feel her power within my chest
Never wanna rest I think it best

Told some friends of mine about a fantasy
involving Miss Tink and co-starring me
A four star restaraunt a nice dine
A lot of eye-to-eye and a little fine wine
We head off to a club For hours we dance
Sultry oh, so sensuous She decides to take a chance
She pulls my hand and we both stroll directly past the bar
Out the door, through the lot, and into her car
It's dark outside except for streetlights that emit not but a trace
She drives past my exit and takes me to her place
I follow her in the front door she turns on some quiet jazz,
leads me into her room and lights what few candles she has
She puts her hand on my chest tips me backward on her bed
Up until this point, not one word has been said.
"I'll be back in a quick moment, so you just sit tight."
As she leaves the room I know I'll get no sleep tonight
The smell of wax is erotic Harry Jr. sings away
Through the door I see a thigh garnished with lingere
Her fingernails tantilize the the doorframe effortlessly
I know she's done this all before, and she's going to do it to me
Close enough to taste now, I feel the warmth of her breath
Her eyes are locked on mine They're more intense than crystal meth
Hovering above me tickling me with lace
She doesn't slow her telepathy when smirk cracks across her face
With a sharp, audible exhale, her crystal eyes clench tight
Head thrown back in ecstasy back arched, as if in fight
Neck so soft, hair so light, shoulders strong and kissable
Razor sharp lips, teeth so white Body so permissable

Enough, already, Down another drink
Thinking bout' Tink Thinking bout' Tink
Enough, already, Down another drink
Thinking bout' Tink Goin' down on Tink

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+flame of hate+
(samples) (woman screams) Man: "What shall I do? The devil is in her, SURE!"
Woman: "Stop looking at me. I hate you." Man: "How can you be like this? You are killing me."
Man: "Don't listen to her, mother! She has the devil in her!"

I describe you now as emotionally dead
Your care slipped away through the eye of a needle (like pulled thread)
Victim of random violence was my fantasy
Somewhere God is laughing at me

In a temple, in my mind, I cannot leave it all behind
The computer beeps behind a wall and I can't seem to cope at all
Blue uniforms, white coats, or a Grey will eventually take you away
The first one deals with money, the other two think you're funny

And my dungeonfull of love can't seem to piss out this flame of hate (repeat over and over)

(samples) Man (yelling): "Whore! Bitch! Strumpet! Trollop!" (4X)
Man: "Oh, mother... Where has my life gone...?"

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+dirty now+
I think of you a lot and pray for it again
The lovliest of wives, and two beautiful children
The future in our eyes, we'll achieve it somehow
Everytime I think it could still work, I have to keep reminding myself that-

You're Dirty Now. (repeats)

I'd be lying if I said I didn't love you anymore
I'd be lying if I said I didn't think that you're a whore
Your purity diminished by the pleasures of the flesh
With evidence against you, you still can't seem to confess that-

You're Dirty Now. (repeats)

Every time I feel like I am willing to give in
Throw the past behind ourselves, and let's begin again
Feel your loving arms around me, tell me it's okay
Then I just remember what I saw the other day

You're Dirty Now. (repeats)

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